According to the Cooperative Development Authority, there are 24, 652 cooperatives in the Philippines as of 2015. In addition, cooperative membership drastically went up from 7 Million in 2010 to 14 Million in 2015.

But what literally cooperatives are? How can it help the financial status of every Filipino? Can we invest in cooperatives and earn money?

What we have for today is Mr. Armand Bengco the executive director of Colayco Foundation for Education, Inc, host of the tv program Pisobilities, co-hosts a radio program with Francisco J. Colayco titled Pera Mo. Palaguin Mo and the General Manager of Ksk Coop.

This interview is titled What Are Cooperatives And Things You Need To Check Before Investing On Them.

In this interview, you will hear...

1.The difference of a cooperative to a corporation, to a bank and to a loan and savings association.

2. The minimum number of people required starting a cooperative.

3.The major type of cooperatives being put up in the Philippines.

4.The types of cooperatives and which one is fit for growing your money.

5. You will also hear if money inside cooperatives is insured or not.

6.Which government agency monitoring cooperatives in the Philippines.

7.The type of membership in cooperatives and what are the benefits for each type.

8.Finally, Five things that you need to check before joining a cooperative.

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