I'm pretty sure you have experience speaking in front of people.

Can you remember your heart beating so fast as if you are running a 100 meter dash?
Have felt your hands shaking to the max?
You sweat all over your face as if you are taking a bath?

Yes. The struggle is real when talking in front of people... when all their eyes are looking at you, their ears are listening every word you will speak and deep inside you.. you promise you will never do speaking infront of people again.

But wait.

This interview is titled Discover The Public Speaking Secrets And Talk Like A Pro

Our guest is Mr. Stephen Nellas he is an author and public speaker.

He speaks to at least two thousand people every single month.

You're thinking it's his natural latent? but you're wrong absolutely wrong.


In this interview you will learn...

1.The benefits of being an excellent public speaker

2.What profession/s needs public speaking.

3.The basic skills someone must learn to be an effective public speaker.

4.Why Stephen likes to be nervous before going up to stage.

5.How to choose the best subject/topic for an event.

6.What public speaking is all about -- it's absolutely not about the speaker.

7.The most horrible critic and how to overcome it.

8.How to effectively outline ideas for a speech?

9.The duration of a speech which Stephen considers the "sweet spot".

10.The strategies someone should do to make the audience engage.

11.The worst line that you can say when you start a talk.

12.The mistakes people commit in public speaking and how to correct them.

13.The people that Stephen follows and how he study and continuously improve himself.

14. And finally...The one thing that Stephen do which is the biggest contributor to his success in public speaking?

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