According to Gene Fowler American journalist, author and dramatist....Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.

Well, I can really relate to Gene. As an Engineering student back in my college days, one of my least favorite subject at that time was technical writing..I am not saying that I don't like my teacher back then...writing is just nerve cracking..specially if you are not confident in your grammar and use of words. It feels squeezing your head until the last drop of idea.

Writing a book seems impossible for an ordinary person specially if he does not have any writing background. Some people think that it's only for past time or for people that have no other things to do in their life.

Others, writing a book is part of the bucket list but it stays there until forgotten.

That's why writing..specially writing a book is really hard.

Our guest for today is miss Sha Nacino a speaker, blogger and author of 7 books. She's frequently invited in speaking engagements and one of them is the Wealth Summit by Bro. Bo Sanchez.

This interview is titled How To Write A Best Selling Book Even If You're Not A Writer

You will learn... 

1.The One reason why everyone should write a book

2.How a flight attendant successfully wrote her first ever book and used it to her next job promotion.

3.The different ways book writing can earn you money

4.Three ways to fight procrastination in writing a book.

5.A walk through in creating a book from writing to putting it the bookstore.

6.When will be the best time to edit your book.

7.Where to go and register your book.

8.How to assess if your idea or topic is worth writing for.

9.The strategies in selling and marketing a book.

10.The difference of self-publishing between traditional publishing and which one is best fit for you.

11.The common mistakes that people commit in writing a book.

12.The biggest contributor to Sha Nacino's success in writing books.

13.And finally, you will know what would Sha Nacino do if she will start from scratch today.

So set back and relax and listen to the interview.

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