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Quiting Your Job? This Book Is For You

 Do you already want the book? Let me ask these questions first.

  • Are you tired of the heavy traffic  when you go to work?
  • Are you sick of the office politics?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current job position?
  • Do you want to be with your family anytime you want? And lastly...
  • Do you want to increase your income even if you are "working sa bahay" only?

 If your answer is YES to all questions then book maybe your next bestfriend. It's Jomar Hilario's first ever book - The Virtial Careers Book. This is the bible of Filipino Virtual Professionals!

Virtual Professionals? What's that?

These are the elite group of people that are learning from Jomar on how to get out from the toxic office work and finally get to "work sa bahay" using the power of the internet. They are earning foreign currencies without becoming as OFW.

This is not a SCAM or another NETWORKING scheme that you are thinking.

If you want proof then I can testify that Jomar's tips and strategies really works. I am a proud Virtual Professional!

Here's a video of an interview of me conducted by Jomar Hilario himself.

In this interview, I talked about my story on how I transitioned from an employee to a rock star virtual professional. You will also discover the  5 life changing questions you need to ask yourself before starting your virtual career.

If you watch the interview you will learn;

  • ​How our mind affects our limits and how to conquer them.
  • What is the one thing you need to create before you resign  from your current job.
  • What is the greatest way to convince your love ones about "working sa bahay".
  • The effective way on how to regain focus if you are having self doubt in pursuing your virtual career.
  • How to prepare before client interviews and seal the deal immediately.

The book is available in formats such as Ebook (you can download the pdf file and read it into the computer or mobile phone) or Paperback ( means actual physical book delivered to your doorstep) at Php300 and Php375 respectively. Click here to get your copy now.

Jomar Hilario's book  is worth reading. It's not one of those "only talk" books that you can't barely understand the lessons. It's the product  of many years of experience and life changing stories.

And by the way, the foreword is by Bro. Bo Sanchez and you will discover how his online presence began.

Now, tell me what you think after you read the whole book!