Yes. This the first installment of interviews and I am Michael De Los Santos the founder of

Let me tell you a story of how I got my inspiration for creating the No.1 Philippine site for online audio interviews.Back in 2011, when I completed my Electronics Engineering degree the only thing in my mind that time was to immediately find a high-paying job to help my family. I have a brother who is entering college and it's now my responsibility (a typical situation for families in the Philippines) to help him out in the expenses. My mother is already old and has no work. I survived the super high tuition and miscellaneous fees during college using discounts granted by the school, scholarships and help from my relatives.

Luckily, I got into a cadetship program for a multinational company and after 7 months they hired me as full time employee.​

I was living my dream life back then! I got a high-paying corporate job and I was able to support my family.But the turning point came...

When I was celebrating my third year as an employee, I realized that I was like living inside the spinning wheel.

I got tired to the everyday ​struggle to get to the office on time even if in the middle of calamities like storm and earthquake.

I got tired of finding creative ways on how to get long vacations just to be with my family.

I have lots of good friends in the office and my managers are really good...but working in the office was not for me.

I needed to find solution to my problems. I had to know people who can understand my problems and help me succeed in the journey that I really want.

The first thing that I did is to search the internet and I found Bro. Bo Sanchez. He helped me to know myself better, increased my confidence, guided me to understand the word of God deeply and he taught me to invest in the stock market. He is the one who taught his maids to invest in the stock market.

Second, I also discovered Chinkee Tan - a wealth coach and motivational speaker where he taught me practical tips on saving money and life lessons.

Third, one of the most important moment of my life was when I found Jomar Hilario - the pioneer Filipino trainer of virtual professionals. Jomar taught me the building blocks, correct mindset and skills on how I can transition from a simple employee to a rock star virtual professional working from home earning US dollars without going outside the Philippines as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I can choose my own working schedule and don't have to mind any boss roaming around behind my back.

My personal finance is back on track, my dreams and goals in life are clearer and I feel more confident to achieve them because I know I have mentors to help me succeed.

But it doesn't end there! My passion for wisdom and personal development is like a fountain - it does not stop. I want to meet new people and learn from them!

At the same time, I want to help other people to create their own life changing stories. I want to be their bridge to the right people that can help them out.

I created to make it easier for people to be in the mind of successful individuals and discover how they did it.

At you will learn effective strategies, proven solutions and high valued information to improve your career, strengthen your relationships, develop better personal finance and start building your own business.

I'm not an expert of all the areas that I mentioned but I will be the person representing you in front of people that you want to reach out and ask specific questions. I will be interviewing experts, successful and exceptional people in their respective field. I will help you hack their mind and discover their secrets.

We will be releasing new interviews once per week. You can listen and download all audio interviews for FREE!

These interviews are short - around 20-30 minutes,they are concise and straight to the point.

My mission is to create 1000+ hours of audio interviews for you to listen and I want you to apply your learnings from it.

Are you excited about this? Then go to the list of posted interviews and start listening to them.

Once again, I am Michael De Los Santos and welcome to